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Joe Christensen, Inc. is a family owned company specializing in printing legal periodicals and journals. We currently print more than 330 legal titles, a number of history and sociology journals, and specialty items that have included state statutes and court reports. Our market share continues to increase, a clear endorsement by our customers of the quality, service and value we deliver. The latest ranking of the top 25 law schools indicates that 22 of them are JCI customers. We print more than 110 titles for those 25 customers.

The company was founded in 1932 by Joe Christensen. Although type was still set by hand in 1932, printing technology was changing. Soon, the clatter of linotypes (line-of-type) filled the air in the Christensen shop. Technology continued to evolve and early in the 1970s the computer began to replace linotype. Today, hot lead, “pigs”, and “pulling proofs” are memories. Now our customers are e-mailing their files and receiving proofs via overnight delivery. Subscriber copies are mailed from our location within a day after binding.

During these years our product has changed from ink-on-paper to a full service partner in your publication endeavor. The business itself has developed into more of a partnership with the customer. We are there to help you every step of the way.

JCI has a 71–year history of delivering service and quality. We are located at 1540 Adams Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. We do all of our composition, printing, binding and shipping at this location. It is home to web and sheet fed presses, a modern bindery line, computer-driven plate making equipment, and a fully computerized composition department. Our eighty-plus employees strive to produce a quality product that you will be proud to present to both subscribers and professional contributors.

This site will provide information about our printing processes to guide you as you edit, submit and publish your journal. Please E-Mail us with any questions.

This is a test site. Please go to http://www.christensen.com/ for the live site.